Schizophrenia Treatment

Schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder that can affect people in different ways. It causes:



Strange Beliefs


Disorganized behaviour and thinking

Living with schizophrenia can make the world around you seem distorted and make you feel like you’re losing touch with reality—it can feel like an altered reality.

You might hear or see things others can't, or you might believe in things and ideas that contradict reality.


These experiences can cause behaviors that feel very real to you, even if it seems unnatural to others.
This disorder can be caused by physical, genetic, psychological, and environmental influences—drug abuse, and a stressful or traumatic experience can even trigger a psychotic episode.
A person suffering from this disorder needs dependable mental health care from a licensed professional who can guide and help.
At Mind Restorative, we provide comprehensive treatment for schizophrenia that takes care of all your needs.
A holistic and well-rounded care means understanding what might harm your mental health and taking steps to prevent it.
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How We Can Treat Schizophrenia

We encourage early diagnosis to increase your chances of recovery and symptom management.​

We create a treatment plan for you, which could include medication management, psychotherapy and counseling. Over the course of your care, we will provide you with these treatments—based on your wishes and requirements.

It’s important to manage the symptoms, so anyone with the condition can function well in their relationships, at work and at home.

Living well with schizophrenia is possible. We provide a safe and  supportive environment and with us, you can receive the resources and guidance you need to find your way through and get better.