Depression Treatment

When depression weighs heavy on your shoulders, finding a way out can feel overwhelming, but you don't have to fight in silence.
It’s normal to experience low moods or feel a sense of emptiness sometimes, but major depressive disorder is a more severe condition.
Major depression affects your feelings, thoughts, and ability to go about your daily life.
When you are experiencing major depression, it's essential to know the symptoms.
Healing is easier if you get help early.
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Signs to Recognize Major Depression

Loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities.

Difficulty sleeping, waking up early, or oversleeping.

Difficulty concentrating, remembering, or making any decisions.

Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness.

Consistently sad, anxious, feeling emptiness.

Fatigue or a lack of energy.

Moving or talking more slowly.

Having trouble sitting still or feeling restless.

Thoughts of death or suicide.

Feelings of hopelessness.

Appetite or weight changes.


Suicide attempts.

Our Approach to Treatment

We provide a caring environment where we work with you to determine whether medication is an essential part of your treatment.

We can combine psychotherapy with medication management if it’s needed. Therapy can help you understand how your thoughts and feelings influence actions so that these patterns no longer dictate your behavior.

We combine mindfulness practices to nurture a deeper connection with ourselves. By focusing on the present moment, we gain awareness, grounding, and inner peace.

Our holistic treatment combines different methods and therapies to treat the whole person—not the symptoms alone.

We celebrate your wins, are there for you through difficult times, and provide a network of support as you begin healing.

Let Us Help You

Depression dims our vision of the world and makes it difficult to see the good in life and the possibilities around us.
Through a multi-dimensional approach, we can help you shift your perspective, find new ways to confront and deal with negative thoughts—and reshape the way you see things.
At our practice, we understand that healing is an individual experience and provide care that meets you where you are.
We provide you with a space to explore your deepest fears and wounds. It’s about helping you heal at the deepest level to live the life you want with realistic recovery.