Welcome to Mind restorative
Welcome to Mind restorative

Welcome to Mind Restorative


Mind Restorative offers telehealth and in-person mental health care in Beaumont, Texas.
As a practice, we specialize in holistic care, a form of healing that intends to treat the whole person – body, mind, spirit, and emotions.
We are grounded in a comprehensive approach — that is, we look deeper into the issues that might add to your struggles, understanding their influence on your well-being.
We want to guide you towards a place of balance through practical and individualized mental health care.
Our practice specializes in mental health for children, adolescents, adults, and families.

Our Mission

We help those with persistent and severe mental conditions and help them learn skills to manage them better.
Our goal is to meet the growing need for mental health support and help improve the lives of more people.
Through a meaningful connection, well-developed methods, and experienced professionals, we create a soothing space for you to recover and find healing in all aspects. We intend to make it easy for you to develop a healthy and positive mindset.
With us, mental health care is accessible and effective.

Services We Offer



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Substance Abuse

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Personality Disorders

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Bipolar Disorder

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Why Mind Restorative?

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Genuine human connection

Confiding in someone isn’t always easy, but our professionals provide you with a safe healing space, one in which you can be yourself and share your thoughts without feeling judged.

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Grounded in scientific research

We use evidence-based methods to help you feel better faster, combining science with the heart of care.

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Flexible treatment options

We put your comfort first and provide both in-person and telehealth sessions in your preferred schedule so you can get care in the way that's most accessible to you.

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To help you find a way forward, we listen carefully and provide you with thoughtful support.

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Individualized care and treatment

Collectively, we develop personalized and sustainable care plans for each one of our patients.

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Medication management

We diagnose your condition, prescribe medication, and keep track of your treatment to make sure everything’s going well.

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Our goal is your complete health and wellness

We’re Accepting New Patients

We welcome new patients and provide them with the care they need.

Accepted Insurances

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If you have any questions, want to set up an appointment, or want to connect, reach out to us.

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