ADHD Treatment

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) causes an ongoing pattern of hyperactivity or inattention that interferes with one’s daily routine and life. 

People with ADHD can lose focus, experience restlessness, or make impulsive decisions.

Personal or professional difficulties can arise for someone dealing with severe ADHD.

Although ADHD might seem minor, it is a condition with potentially serious consequences.


If your health is getting affected by ADHD—it’s important to find appropriate, targeted treatment to sustain your well-being.

People with severe ADHD need professional and effective treatment to heal and reduce their symptoms.

Mind Restorative provides thorough treatment to support your mental, emotional, physical, and social well-being.

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Signs of ADHD


● Not being able to stay focused on tasks or activities.
● Making careless mistakes.
● Not being able to organize tasks and activities.
● Avoiding or procrastinating on time-consuming tasks.


● Fidgeting or tapping too much.
● Finding it hard to stay seated.
● Talking unnecessarily.
● Running or climbing in inappropriate situations.


● Impatient behavior.
● Difficulty waiting one's turn.
● Interrupting others in conversations.
● Acting without thinking.
● Having difficulty with self-regulation.

Poor Time Management

● Having difficulty estimating time.
● Having a habit of running late.
● Being stressed out by multiple deadlines and tasks.


● Forgetting appointments and deadlines.
● Having trouble following instructions or completing tasks.

Problems with Organization

● Messy workspaces.
● Having trouble organizing or managing tasks.

Poor Focus

● Getting easily distracted by external stimuli.
● Having trouble sustaining attention on one task.


● Feeling "on the go" or constantly moving.
● Not being able to relax.

Our Approach to ADHD Treatment

  • We take a holistic approach to ADHD treatment and address all the aspects that have to do with your well-being.
  • After your assessment and diagnosis, we will make a personalized care plan for your ADHD—it will be based on your condition’s severity.
  • We can also incorporate medication management, which can treat symptoms like emotional responses.
  • Along with psychotherapy and psychiatric treatment, our services can include lifestyle adjustments, mindfulness, nutrition guidance, and other stress management methods.
Our Approach to treatment
Our Approach to treatment