Trauma Treatment

Trauma is something that can leave lasting imprints on our lives.

It involves emotional wounds and scars left by painful experiences, whether caused by one dreadful event or a sustained period of distress.

Trauma is something anyone can experience, and it can be emotionally scarring. Its effects can be deeply personal and linger for a long time.

Traumatizing experiences
Traumatizing experiences

Traumatizing experiences can trap the mind, body, and spirit in a constant state of hyper-vigilance and this can affect your health and ability to cope.

Holistic care focuses on the connection between mind and body, and provides a comprehensive approach to releasing trauma from the body.

We’re here to help you find mental, physical and emotional healing from everything you’ve endured and been through.

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Effects of Trauma on Your Well-Being

The signs and effects of trauma on one’s well-being can look like:

Emotional distress.





Substance abuse.

Problems with sleep.

Physical health issues.

Relationship issues.

Self-esteem issues.

Cognitive impairments.

Flashbacks & nightmares.

Let Us Help You Heal from Trauma

The trauma cycle refers to the persistent patterns of emotional and psychological pain that trauma survivors experience—reactions like emotional triggers and flashbacks to physical symptoms.

  • We provide evidence-based therapies and counseling to help you understand and reframe your traumatic experiences.
  • Our practice provides a safe space for clients to express themselves and explore their emotions—emotional healing is essential to breaking the trauma cycle.
  • Trauma can also cause physical symptoms, like tension, pain, and sleep disturbances. We use practices like mindfulness, yoga, and relaxation exercises to resolve these issues.
  • We support you in reconnecting with your inner strength.
let us help you heal from trauma
let us help you heal from trauma