what happens when you ignore a bipolar person

What happens when you ignore a bipolar person? There are many things you can expect from a bipolar person. The most common ones are suicidal ideation and attempts.
The suitable choice for you is to keep a good and healthy relationship with the person you love.
Nevertheless, unhappy and frustrated relationships may lead to heartbreak, anxiety, and depression and end with parting ways with each other.
For the person struggling the issue of bipolar disorder, mood swings the more common in depressive and manic episodes.
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How Does a Bipolar Person Affect Relationships?

Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition that leads towards extreme mood swings. People suffering from the illness alternate between mania and hypomania.
An emotional state in which they are energetic and gleeful but also aggressive or delusional and depressed.
Bipolar disease is a lifelong condition that runs in families, but its cause is unknown. Treatment, on the other hand, can frequently lead to successful management.
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Signs of Unhealthy Relationship

It is possible to maintain a healthy, happy connection to someone who has bipolar disorder.
However, there may be particular signs that you should evaluate your relationship.
Signs may indicate an unhealthy relationship, especially with a partner diagnosed with bipolar disorder:

  • Feeling unsafe
  • Bipolar ignoring texts
  • Ignoring values and norms
  • Scared in the relationship
  • Consistently depressed
  • Worrying about the something
  • Fear of ending the relationship

What Happens When You Ignore a Bipolar Person– Things to Do

Inquire if you can be involved in your partner’s treatment, including occasional visits to the psychiatrist together. Participating in your partner’s treatment can provide numerous benefits, including a better understanding of the illness.

  • We are offering additional insight to the psychiatrist.
  • Recognizing signs of impending episodes.
  • Notifying the psychiatrist of mood changes.

Arguing With a Bipolar Person

Here are ideas for success when arguing with somebody who has bipolar disorder.

  • Make them face the facts.
  • Don’t consistent in decision-making
  • Do not engage during fight or flight responses.
  • Have compassion for yourself and your partner.
  • Overthinking
  • Control your emotions.
  • Set healthy boundaries.
  • Demonstrate healthy communication.

Can You Trust a Bipolar Person?

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to believe in a bipolar person. There is no clinical evidence linking bipolar disorder and lying, though some anecdotal accounts suggest a link.
Sometimes, an individual facing the issue of bipolar disorder is hiding things with their partners.
Such sort of a person never accepts defeat and argues in every moment to win the game.
As a result, they may respond or explain differently later.

When Someone with Bipolar Pushes You Away

Being separated from someone you love can be heartbreaking and frustrating.
Luckily, there are a few things that you can follow to acquire assistance. When someone with bipolar is pushing you away, you can do or say the following:

  • Remind them that you are available for support whenever they need it. Remind them that you are available to talk instead of telling your loved one what to do or pushing them in the direction you want.
  • Respect their boundaries. Keeping your distance can be difficult, but it may be precisely what they need.

Go to Couples Counseling

Couples counseling is essential for dealing with anger over a bipolar partner’s actions. It is common for an individual with bipolar disorder to hurt or offend their partner.
When a person is first diagnosed, they often have relationship issues that must be addressed. Couples therapy can help you:

  • Recognize the illness behind hurtful behavior.
  • Forgive behavior that occurred during a mood change.
  • Establish boundaries with a partner to ensure treatment is maintained.

To Sum Up

Self-care is a hot topic these days, but it’s essential when caring for someone with a severe illness like bipolar disorder.
It is critical to devote time to attending a support group, speaking with a therapist, or taking a yoga class.
Being in an appropriate relationship with someone who has bipolar disorder necessitates not only being mindful of their disease.
By contrast, he also set aside time to take care of yourself.

References and Resources

For those who want to explore more about the behavior of a bipolar person and how it affects the relationship, below is a list of resources that might be beneficial.

  1. National Institute of Mental Health
  2. Mental Health America
  3. National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)


Are bipolar people sensitive to rejection?

People diagnosed with bipolar I disorder had higher disapproval to rejection scores than regulates.

Do bipolar people fear rejection?

Individuals with bipolar disorders suffer from poor living conditions, lower income, and unemployment as a result of social rejection and low self-esteem.

Can bipolar make you feel unloved?

Feeling abandoned and neglected during bipolar depression is a sign of the illness, and it is treatable.

Do bipolar people lack empathy for others?

Bipolar disorder can lead to a lack of empathy, but signs can also make it difficult to focus on the emotions of others.

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